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June 12, 2024

Bringing You the Latest Buzz from Grace Fellowship


Pastor's Pen

We shared this weekend that God is looking for a people that He can live among that He can trust with Kingdom blessing and favor. He is giving the people of Grace Fellowship such an opportunity.

A part of the opportunity is God is giving us is to be used by Him for the harvest; to bring

those without Jesus into a saving knowledge of Who He is. Check out this opportunity in

Luke 14:15-24. Take special note of verse 23, "Then the master told his servant, ‘Go out

to the roads and country lanes and compel them to come in, so that my house will be


I am praying that God will make each of us a magnet that draws people to King Jesus.

That is His will for each of our lives, and so pray into His will that He will use you to

compel them (by the way you live your lives) to come in, so that His house will be full.

I’ll see you this weekend.


Current Series

Join us this weekend as Pastor Paul continues his series in 1 Corinthians.

🔗 Sunday Worship  |  Sundays 9:30 AM  | 

🔗Coffee With Grace | Wednesdays 9:00 AM |



Spread the news: Community VBS is coming! Invite your friends, neighbors,


Equip 2024 - "But The Church Prayed"

Get a Head Start:

One of the seminars this year is "Destined for the Throne'" based on the book by the same name written by Paul Billhiemer. It would be helpful to have read the book prior to taking the class. Pastor Paul says, "Destined for the Throne" is one of the most influential books in his life.

If you want to get a head start on Equip, we have loaner books at the Information Table in the foyer, just sign it out, read it and bring it back no later than one month.


Building Update

Be praying for our building teams both, Building Task Team lead by Casey Friese and the Financial Task Team lead by Pastor Paul as we work through the launch of our building. Prayer for these teams as they work through speed bumps and decisions necessary for us to still break ground this summer.


Thanks for your faithfulness, every little bit makes a difference. Most importantly, thank you for your prayers. 

Come join us on our new campus on Cemetery Road! Unite with us in prayer, then treat yourself to the delicious offerings from Moo Moo's Frozen Treats ice cream truck. Let’s come together as a community for a day of faith, fun, and fabulous ice cream!

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