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Grace School of Ministry equips you for impactful ministry within and beyond the Body of Christ.Everyone is uniquely gifted and called for a specific ministry; find out yours!

What We

True ministry is never a career. It is a calling rooted in love, founded on grace, and directed by the Spirit toward the needs of others.

A.W. Tozer

woman embracing a child on a mission trip through Grace School of Ministry Missions


Our focus at Grace School of Ministry is to empower individuals to discover, develop, and deploy their God-given gifts.

Through teaching, practical training, and a solid foundation of doctrine, we equip you to realize your potential.

Our aim is to cultivate leaders who serve as catalysts for transformation, authentically ministering the love, grace, and truth of Christ.

Praying around a family who just received the keys to their new house built by the Grace School of Ministry team


Learning at Grace School of Ministry is guided by the Holy Spirit.


Prayer support is vital, with each student having an intercessor during their time at GSM.


We value teachability and seek candidates open-minded to learning, willing to receive feedback, and embracing new things.


Our mission is to guide you towards aligning with God's purpose, providing a spiritual covering and nurturing lifelong relationships.


Emphasis on community fosters growth in spiritual gifts and evangelism, while celebrating breakthroughs and answered prayers.

individuals around a table studying at Grace Fellowship School of Ministry


Alongside acquiring practical ministry skills such as apologetics, prayer ministry, and missions training, we foster a culture of discernment.

We encourage students to explore diverse avenues of service, guiding them to discern their specific callings.

Every believer is an integral part of the Body of Christ, contributing their unique gifts and callings to expand God's Kingdom.

Ministry Certificate Courses

To earn the GSM Ministry Certificate, students must successfully complete eight courses. The coursework will typically be completed within two to three years.

Introduction to Ministry

This foundational, comprehensive course explores the gifts and grace required for impactful, successful ministry.

Sound Doctrine

Students will investigate systematic theology, Biblical interpretation, historical creeds of the Church, and discerning truth from error.

Old and New Testament Survey

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Students will gain an in-depth overview of Scripture, including its canonization, chronology, and inerrancy.

The Teaching of Jesus and the Cross

Students will delve into the work of the cross, incarnation, and the doctrine of salvation, exploring the finished work of Jesus.

Prayer Coaching

Students will gain profound understanding and practical experience in Spirit-led coaching, relying on the guidance and direction of the Holy Spirit to effectively coach through prayer. Includes hands-on training at the Equip Conference, and more.


Students will learn about God's global purposes as they grow in their understanding of missions. The learning experience will involve lectures, cultural training, simulations, and prayer. They’ll serve with a team in a cross-cultural setting, where they will be spiritually, mentally, emotionally, and physically challenged while aligning with God's heart for the nations.

Foundations of Ministry

This course will serve as an introduction to homiletics and public speaking, covering the law of the learner, and effective leadership in small groups, home churches, and Bible studies.

Exploring the Supernatural and Spiritual Warfare

This course will focus on prophecy, healing, discernment of spirits, and how to flow and function in supernatural ministry. It will also include a biblical perspective on dreams and visions, examining their biblical significance.


The curriculum of GSM offers Bible college-level instruction that provides a Ministry Certificate upon completion. GSM is not accredited. Students should understand that credits more than likely are not transferrable to another educational institution. Additionally, GSM does not receive transfer credits from other institutions. Students should expect outside-of-class preparation, including assigned reading, Bible study, and reports.


Most courses require a fee of $65, which covers GSM expenses. Any deviations from this fee will be announced before course registration. In case of hardship, scholarships may be available. Additionally, purchasing textbooks is the responsibility of each student.

Note: The Missions course includes a mission trip, and students are responsible for raising funds to cover their expenses for the chosen trip. GSM is dedicated to assisting students in finding scholarships to help with their mission trip expenses.

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