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Journey to Construction: 2018-2022

How We Arrived at the Decision to Build a New Church

August 2022

Buffalo Christian Academy

Buffalo Christian Academy was invited to move to the new Grace Campus upon its completion.  The leadership of BCA accepted the offer and will be housed in the new Grace Campus building.

July 2022

Brown House Sold

Believing the timing was right, Grace sold the Brown House (former parsonage) for $326,000.

June 2022

The Gift

God provided a way as the adjacent 4.5 acres was paid for and gifted to Grace.  The new Grace Campus is now a total of 10 acres on the corner of Main Street and Cemetery Road, owned free and clear.

May 2022


The adjacent 4.5 acres to the west was available, however, Grace did not have the funding to purchase this additional acreage.  Our prayer was, if the Lord wanted us to have the property, He would provide a way.

March 2022

Property Purchased

With the contingencies met, the property was purchased. God provided the $300,000 cash for the 5.5 acres.

July 2021

Offer Presented

The Grace Family voted to purchase 5.5 acres of the Bergner property located on the corner of South Main Street and Cemetery Road.  The offer made was $300,000 cash with two contingencies:

  • The City of Buffalo giving Grace a Conditional Use Permit

  • An acceptable Geo Soil Test completed on the new property

2018 - 2021


Grace considered a number of properties and possibilities, but God closed all of the doors.

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