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Grace Happenings | June 22, 2022

Pastors Pen

Her name was Ashley, she was a little 8-year-old red-headed girl!  On Sunday night after church, she went missing.  Her mother, Cindi, was frantic as she screamed, “I can’t find Ashley”.  All of those still present earnestly searched the 5 buildings at Desert Hope Church (located in a demographically changing neighborhood of Phoenix), to no avail.  After a thorough search of buildings and grounds, the police were notified.  As the spotlight of the police helicopter circled the neighborhood, congregants grabbed a hold of each other’s hands and began to pray.  Needless to say, Cindi was beside herself, thinking the worst had happened.

After 30 minutes of searching into the church parking lot speeds Anne in her Chevy station wagon.  Ashley had stowed away in the back and yelled “surprise” when Anne pulled into her home driveway.  Before many had cell phones, Anne had no way to notify Cindi or others that Ashley was safe, so she sped her way back to the church (some distance away).  There was a great deal of relief that Ashley was safe and plenty of hope that Ashley’s parents would know how to provide the right kind of discipline.

I have thought many times, I wonder what would happen if we had such earnestness for the spiritually lost, for pre-believers?

I have also wondered when new believers feel like running away because the journey gets hard how the church can raise up mentors (disciplers) who will provide love, instruction, and discipleship to newer believers.

Can’t wait to celebrate with you this weekend, the crazy amazing things God is up to in our church and our lives.

Save the Dates

Serve the CityOn Sunday, June 26, we will have an abbreviated service and then join Summit from 10 am to 12 for various service projects. So come dressed in work clothes and join this opportunity to build unity in the Body of Christ and serve Buffalo.  A list of projects will be available to sign up for next weekend.

Power Cooking at GF-July9, 9-12:00 Text Jill Thorson (307-217-0801) to register

Community VBS @ Summit-July 25-28 @ Summit

Baptism & Potluck Picnic– August 13 &14 at the Train Side of the Park.

Mexican Fiesta Dinner & Auction—September 9, 5:30-8:30 @ Bomber Mtn. Marietta Wright has donated 17 “Art from the Heart” drawings that will be auctioned. We will also be looking for other items of value: guns, antiques, times shares, etc. All proceeds will go to the Building Fund, More details will be forthcoming. For any questions see Tom Ostlund or Ronda Schlicting.

Family Night Kickoff– September 21

Equip-Open HeavensNovember 4-6 with Peter Xu and Marietta Wright

God’s Provision

Over the following weeks, it will be awesome to see how God provides. Half a truckload of new products has been given to Grace to sell at a garage sale. Carol Herman is building teams to get ready for the garage sale which will be held from 9 AM to 2 PM on July 2. The week prior a team will ready things both from what has been donated and out of the GF building. On July 2 will be a team who serves at the sale and then a team of folks to help with clean-up.

All proceeds will go to the GF building fund

Contact the church office (684-7511) to volunteer

Cemetery Creek Campus Update:

Our present Building Fund is $206,398. Thank you, Lord, for blessing each of us with Your goodness.

Our Building Committee is gathering information for Dale Buckingham, our architect, that an artist rendition of what a new building on the Cemetery Creek Campus will look like.

   June: Conceptual Design Phase

   July: Schematic Design Phase

   August: We hope to have an artist rendition and projected cost of the new building

All young adults ages College to 30

You are invited on June 29, to Pastor Paul and Marlyce’s home 555 S. Pinnacle Dr. for a picnic dinner @ 6:00.  Please let us know if you are coming through text 307-621-0194.

Opportunity to Serve

We are looking for someone to head the Amie Holt services once a month. We cover the 4th Sunday of each month. The services are about 30 minutes and consist of a few songs and a short devotio8nal.  If you are interested in head this ministry, contact Stephanie Berglund (307-887-5208)

Baptism & Picnic

August 13 & 14 at the train side of the park.  This will be a potluck meal with the church providing the meat, drinks, and table setting.  If you are interested in baptism contact                                            Pastor Paul (307-621-2314) or Stephanie(307-887-5208).

Save the Date

Children’s Ministries

Saturday Nights

Children’s Church @ Grace Fellowship 5:30pm– 7:00pm

Sunday Mornings

Children’s Church @ Grace Fellowship 9:00am–10:30am

Student Ministries

Flashpoint Youth for Middle School & High School Students

Saturday Night

Hang out, games, snacks, lots of fun @ the Brown House after the worship service until about 9:00

Adult Small Groups


Prayer for Missions in the Prayer Room @ GF  12:00pm–1:00pm


Friendship Ministries text 307-267-9833 or email for location, etc.

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