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Future Campus of Grace Fellowship

Equipping for Life: Building the Future with Grace Fellowship

At Grace Fellowship, our mission transcends mere existence; it's about equipping individuals for a purposeful life rooted in Jesus Christ. We believe in nurturing hearts and minds to see people as God sees them, empowering them to walk in His power and glory. Central to this mission is helping every believer discover their spiritual gifts, fostering a vibrant and dynamic Body of Christ.

Building the Future

With unwavering faith, we embark on a journey of faith to build a new chapter in the story of Grace Fellowship. Our vision encompasses a 10-acre property featuring a 543-seat capacity sanctuary, dedicated space for children's ministry, and expansive community areas. This endeavor is more than construction; it's a call to impact lives and shape destinies. As we stand united, we trust God to multiply our efforts and reach beyond our walls to touch hearts globally.

Strengthen Our Hands

For over 85 years, Grace Fellowship has been a beacon of hope and transformation in Buffalo and beyond. Now, as we embrace this new season, we echo the prayers and sacrifices of those who've gone before us. Strengthening our hands for this task is a call to obedience and reliance on God's miraculous provision. Together, we're building more than a structure; we're constructing a legacy of faith, empowerment, and Kingdom impact.

Join us in this divine endeavor. Your support, whether through prayer, financial contribution, or partnership, enables us to expand our reach and fulfill our mandate to equip leaders and transform lives. Together, let's build a future where God's Kingdom reigns and His glory shines brightly for all to see.

Together, let's strengthen our hands and build for God's glory! Join in!

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