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A Message from Pastor Paul Gilbert: Strengthening Our Hands for the Future

And the Prophetic Words Spoken over Grace Fellowship

A Message from Pastor Paul Gilbert: Strengthening Our Hands for the Future

Pastor Paul Gilbert in blue suit smiling giving a message in Grace Fellowship

"We have heard, we have seen, we have received the mandate. Our calling is not merely to erect a building, but to equip generations to be world changers. As our church grows, so does our responsibility to provide ample facilities and room for God's work to flourish.

The last several years have been marked by specific 'God joinings'—individuals brought together to fulfill the puzzle of God's calling in Buffalo and beyond. God orchestrates these divine connections for such a time as this, weaving together a story of His glory.

I invite you to be a part of this remarkable journey. Don't miss out on the amazing work God is doing as He 'Strengthens Our Hands' to equip present and future generations."

Paul Gilbert, Lead Pastor at Grace


Prophetic Words Over Grace Fellowship and the Property:

Pastor Paul Gilbert pours anointed olive oil onto new campus property

Pastor Paul Gilbert, September 4, 2014: "We should expect to be amazed, for that is the kind of God we serve."

Marietta Wright speaks at Grace Fellowship

Marietta Wright, April 17, 2022: "I hear the Lord say Joshua 1:3, 'Every place that the sole of your foot will tread upon I have given you, as I said to Moses.' Additionally, this place will be a school and a hospital, bringing people back to life and healing their wounds."

Peter Xu offers a blessing prayer over Grace Fellowship New Campus property

Peter Xu, November 6, 2022: "Just as Jacob had his dream at Bethel, so shall you see the heavens open in this place. The angels will ascend and descend upon the Son of God. Lord, make this property a gateway to heaven, a place where Your glory is evident."

Bishop James from Cameron: "This will be a place of gathering, where people come together, and children are deeply impacted."

Matthew Schlichting, February 9, 2023: "This property will act as a beacon, drawing tired and worn-out people to find peace. God will demolish strongholds of the enemy and build a place of rest and peace in their stead."

Sign with Future Campus of Grace Fellowship sign in the green pastures of the new campus property

Join the Movement of Faith

As we step into this divine calling, we invite you to join us in faith. Your support and commitment are crucial as we see God's Kingdom manifest on earth. Click on the button below to sow into this vision and witness the miracle of God's provision.

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