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Grace Happenings | September 21, 2022

Pastors Pen

For the past two weeks, God has been pouring out on us. There is evidence of revival. I sense God readying us for Equip, but also just taking us deeper in the things of God.

I have asked the Lord’s help for us to steward well the move of His Spirit so that He can trust us with more. I do believe there is some spiritual maturity that needs to be developed in such a time. We need to be careful that we don’t put God in a box, thinking “Wow last week God moved, and this week nothing happened. What did we do wrong? Why did God withdraw from us?” Such thinking and such a question will foster discouragement.

We need to be mature enough in our own lives as well as in the life of the church to understand that even when “I can’t feel it He is working” (as in the song Waymaker).  There are times we smell the flowers and eat the fruit when His presence is manifest. There are other times He feels hidden and quiet. I love smelling the flowers, but in every move of God there is also a time when the Spirit starts tilling the ground to push down roots. When he does it is not as fun as the flowers and the fruit, but there can be no flower or fruit in the future if roots do not develop in us.

So, know the move of God will never look the same from week to week….sometimes it will be a great celebration, sometimes it will be in quiet….it is still God who is at work within us to bring to pass His blessing and favor. So church, let’s learn to celebrate the ebb and flow and celebrate the roots as much as we celebrate the flowers.

See you this coming weekend.

Meet the Missionaries

Randy and Shelley Marshall serve with One Mission Society in Kyiv, Ukraine. Their main focus is disciple-making, and they use English to serve Ukrainians and to make new contacts. They organize English camps during the summer for university students and offer weekly English clubs at a Kyiv university. For students or adults of any age who become spiritually interested, they offer Discovery Bible Studies to help them investigate the claims of Jesus, and they gather those who want to follow him into worshiping home groups called Life Groups. Their goal is to see the existing network of Life Groups grow and multiply as Ukrainians reach their friends and families with the Good News.

 On October 1 & 2 Randy and Shelly Marshal will be joining us for the weekend services. Saturday morning we will be having a 9:30 continental breakfast reception.  If you would like to join us, RSVP by calling 684-7511.

Building Update:

Our Building Fund continues to grow $583,139.98 .  Thank you for your generosity and thank you, Lord, for blessing each of us with Your goodness.

Note:  All donations and balance for the Building Fund are strictly used for that purpose.

Pastor Paul continues the series 

Saturday night at 5:30 or Sunday morning at 9:00

See you at the Pole

Due to an all-day event at the high school, this year’s SYATP will be held on Thursday morning, September 29, 7:00 am at the high school flag pole.

Spread the word!

Operation Christmas Child Kick-off Party

September 27, 5-7:00 pm

Big Horn Baptist Church

Come enjoy refreshments, get info, and pick up shoeboxes

Save the Date

  1. Family Night Kick OffTonight

  2. Equip-Open Heavens–November 4-6 with Peter Xu and Marietta Wright

  3. Greif Share: Surviving the Holidays- November 17

  4. Feast of Praise– November 20, 4:00 pm at Summit

Family Night

Wednesdays @Bomber Mtn. Civic Center

TONIGHT !!!!!!!

Meal served from 5:30-6:30

Taco/Burrito, Rice, Refried beans, Salad, Nachos, Dessert

Small groups for everyone 6:30-7:45:

  1. Adults w/ Pastor Paul will be studying “Receiving a Double Portion”

  2. Flashpoint Youth (Middle School & High School) will be studying “Who’s Who in the Bible”

  3. Kindle Kids (infants-5th grade) will be studying 4 keys to discipleship.

Register NOW for…

Children’s Ministries

Saturday Nights

Children’s Church @ Grace Fellowship 5:30pm– 7:00pm

Sunday Mornings

Children’s Church @ Grace Fellowship 9:00am–10:30am


Kindle Kids for children infants through 5th grade 6:30-7:45 pm at Grace Fellowship

Student Ministries

Flashpoint Youth for Middle School & High School Students


Youth group at Bomber Mount Civic Center 6:30-7:45 pm

Adult Small Groups


Family Night @ Bomber Mtn Civic Center  |  Meal 5:30-6:30  |  Small Groups 6:30-7:45


Prayer for Missions in the Prayer Room @ GF  12:00pm–1:00pm

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