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Grace Fellowship | March 10

Pastor’s Pen

We are on the brink of a student revival in Buffalo and elsewhere. Students are looking around and feeling hopeless, many are turning to Jesus for hope – others are not. This last weekend Stephanie shared a picture of 49 students on the stage of Bomber Mountain learning more about how Jesus can be their help and hope. Students who catch fire for Jesus can shake up their campus!

Gratefully there are a few of these students who have praying parents or grandparents, but a majority of them have no one praying for them.  This prompted a response from some in our online church that in their community many student’s hopelessness has resulted in suicide. It is time for the church to act.

If there was ever been a time the church needs to step into prayer for this next generation it is now. This is the time to stop looking for human solutions…in fact, God is looking for intercessors who will pray into existence supernatural solutions. This is the time to pray…because your prayers matter. This is the time to pray because our world and students dependent on it

We often use the word “intercession” as a synonym for prayer.  Intercession is coming to God on behalf of another.  All intercession is prayer, but not all prayer is intercession.  Intercession is derived from the Latin inter, meaning “between” and cedere, meaning “to go.”  Intercession is going between or standing in the gap on behalf of another. Intercession is when someone cannot yet effectively ask for themselves, many students are in this category. Is a bit of time each day where you pray for students something God would have you consider?

Can’t wait to worship King Jesus with you this weekend!

Current Sermon Series 

2021 Upcoming Events

  1. Grace-Full Connections Women’s Ministry – March 16

  2. Good Friday Individual/Family Communion – April 2

  3. Easter Weekend – April 3 & 4

  4. Beliver’s Baptism – April 10 &11

  5. Equip Harvest – April 16 & 17

  6. Mother’s day will be a BIG deal at GF

  7. Equip Conference – November 5, 6, & 7

Family Night


@ Bomber Mtn. Civic Center Meal: 5:30–6:15



Mashed Potatoes & Brown Gravy

Green Bean With Bacon




Small groups for all ages: 6:30– 7:45


Baptism is an excellent way to publicly proclaim your faith in Jesus Christ. GF will be celebrating baptisms on April 10 & 11 during the Worship services. If you are interested in baptism, contact Pastor Paul (307–621–0194) or Stephanie Berglund (307–887–3330)

Missions Opportunity

GF is pleased to announce a missions trip opportunity to the Dominican Republic, June 5–13. This trip involves building a house with Casa por Cristo for a needy family in the Dominican Republic. The captains for this team are Jeff and Hamlin Wing.

For more information see Jeff Wing 307–621–0204 ( or Hamlin Wing 307–621– 6077 (

For information on Casa por Cristo

Open Mic Night @ Grace Fellowship

Children’s Ministries

Saturday Nights

Children’s Church @ Grace Fellowship 5:30pm– 7:00pm

Sunday Mornings

Children’s Church @ Grace Fellowship 9:00am–10:30am

Wednesday Nights

Kindle Kids (Infants—5th grade) @Bomber Mtn Civic Center 6:30pm –7:45pm

Student Ministries


Flashpoint Youth for Middle School & High School students @ Bomber Mtn Civic Center 6:30pm–7:45pm Studying “What Did Jesus Do and How Do I Do It Too?”


In depth Bible Study @ the Brown House (next to the church) after school until about 3:00

Saturday Night

Hang out, games, snacks, lots of fun @ the Brown House after the worship service until about 9:00

Adult Small Groups


Men’s Breakfast @ Grace Fellowship 6:30am

Starting April 7 @9:30 am VA Bible Study at the Veteran’s Home Adult’s small group @ Bomber Mtn Civic Center led by Pastor Paul 6:30pm–7:45pm studying “How to Experience the Presence of God.” Bible Study on Romans @ 165 S. Tisdale hosted by Dennis & Jill Thorson 7:00


Prayer for Missions @ the Brown House 12:00pm–1:00pm Ladies small group in the Brown House led by Sheri Olver 6:00pm–7:00pm

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