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Pastor's Pen

Pastor's Pen


What a powerful word from Pastor Rick last weekend! I hope it has made us all more aware of the presence of Jesus in our lives and caused us to look for Him in every situation. Did you look back through times of suffering in your life and ask “Jesus, show me where You were?” Like Pastor Rick, I have seen people’s countenance change as Jesus answers that question. Sometimes tears come as for the first time they realize they weren’t alone. Sometimes smiles break out because His presence drives out all fear.

Wounded people are healed. Stuck people get unstuck. Angry and bitter people are set free to live in peace and joy.

If there is a time in your life that has left you with the nagging question “Jesus, where were you?”, just ask Him and take the time to let Him show you.

I’m excited to see you this weekend as Pastor Paul starts a new series entitled “Learning From 1 Corinthians”.

Pastor Stephanie


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