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Missions Update

At Grace Fellowship, we allocate 10 percent of our annual budget to support local and foreign missions. This includes backing missionaries in Uganda, Ukraine, and the Dominican Republic, as well as contributing to local initiatives such as 307 Prayer and Buffalo Christian Academy. Overseen by our dedicated Missions Task Team comprising Jeff Wing, Mandy Metcalf, Faye Sanders, and Lamar Taylor, our missions endeavors are carefully managed and guided.


Our philosophy is to offer mission experiences to as many members of the Grace Fellowship family as possible, both domestically and internationally. We aim to provide high school students and adults with ample opportunities to witness the hand of God at work in missions. We believe that the more individuals from Grace Fellowship engage in missions, the more our hearts align with God's compassion for the world.

Grace Fellowship has organized three missions trips to the Dominican Republic in collaboration with Casas por Cristo, focusing on building houses and fostering relationships with local churches. Each house constructed has not only benefited families in the Dominican Republic but has also profoundly impacted the individuals from Grace Fellowship who selflessly participated. Our goal is to partner with Casas por Cristo to build a house at least once a year. If Grace Fellowship covers the cost of the house (averaging around $12,000), mission team members are only responsible for their travel expenses and incidentals, allowing them to fully immerse themselves in this transformative experience.

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